About this Blog

What's the point of this blog?

Basic Theme: How do you know what you know? This may not always be obvious. Few posts address this directly, but I try to put something into most of the posts that is intended to help people see things from a slightly different perspective.  Sometimes it's just connecting two or more topics that aren't usually connected, or putting something into a larger context, or photos looking at some part of the world from a different angle.

The previous post that focuses most on that theme is this one about whether Idaho really exists.  It's fairly long, but it has the underlying themes of what is real, what is true, and what proof do we need before we accept something as true?

Here's one the applies the idea of 'How do we know?" to  how I think when writing this blog.  This is probably the extreme of how I try to examine the facts and my own biases before posting:
Blogging.  What's Real?  How Do We Know?  Stevens,  Kepner, Joy   [As I reread this post in 2016, I realize it may be too entangled in previous posts to be clear to readers who weren't following along the trail of posts before this one.  It's probably more fruitful to read the posts below and if you still want more to come back to this one.]

Who Writes This Blog?

Who Am I?  Who Are You? - A post that talks about why I'm reluctant to say too much about myself in the profile.  It's not shyness, but it is about how we know things, labels, and 'thick description.'

How I write

The Writing Prior To Posting talks about the process of writing a post.  There's a lot of revising.  I'm always hoping I can just do a quick five minute post, but that rarely happens. 

How I Learned to Study

There are lots of influences on how I learned to think and study, starting with my parents.  But here's a post - Reading Between The Lines -  about a college class where I was forced to go from chugging along into serious studying.

Procrastination and The Curse of Perfectionism -  My first draft of this post said "Begun August 12, 2012/"   The last update was July 2015.  It's now December 20, 2016.  I think it's time I just put this up.  It's now January 18, 2017 and it's still not up.  It's time.  I may come through and edit this for clarity now and then.  I expect I'll add more links as well.


  1. Steve,
    I was impressed with Jamals presentation... a deep and heart centered Imam... thank you for your synopsis. At the end I told him about my shadow puppet show I tour sometimes featuring Karagoz and Hadjivat called 'The Hajj' you can check out the trailer-
    And if you haven't had enough puppets check out www.hamumu.org for NW Native transformation masks

  2. Hmm. Got sidetracked learning how to put in a link in my comment, and now it is gone. It said: I'm just learning about online conversations, got to your blog by searching for calendars that can be re-used (I collage a current one every year for my sister and would like to do more for others), and was delighted with the musing on a wabi sabi house (Here's the link, to some photos on my blog inspired by the concept: [wabi sabi photos]. Hope it works. www.annfullerarts.com in case it does not. Now if I can figure out how to subscribe, I can come back for more of your intriguing musings. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Ann, Your blog is beautiful and I love your wabi-wabi portraits. They expand my understanding of the concept. I've put in another link here because you got this blog's url in with your own in the link above. I found the hard way that I need to always test the links in the preview of the comment.

  3. Hi Steve,
    We should go rock climbing sometime. I have a membership. It's fun.


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